Food The Best Countries for Vegan Travellers

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October 12, 2019

Travelling should be exciting, life-changing, and fun: for everyone. Of course, when part of the point of travel is new experiences, it can sometimes be difficult to keep to a routine or lifestyle you live in your everyday life, like eating vegan. While it’s not impossible, things like language barriers, social customs, and traditional recipes you may encounter are enough to make anyone worry that being vegan while touring will be difficult. Things get a little easier, however, when the country you’re visiting has a reputation for being great for vegan travellers. With that in mind, here’s our list of the best countries for vegan travellers!


Germany may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of vegan travel: everyone knows Germans love their meat! However, Berlin especially is home to a booming vegan scene, and, unlike many other European countries, vegan food is relatively easy to find even in more rural areas.

  • Top picks: Brammibals Donuts in Berlin, Vabiou’s in Hamburg, and Moehren Milieu Eco Cafe in Mainz.


America is another country famous for their meat-based food (southern barbecue, anyone?) but many popular destinations are home to world-famous vegan food. Los Angeles, known for its healthy (and, often, vegan) food culture; New York City, home to vegan food from practically every country you can think of, and Portland, infamously vegetarian/ vegan, are all amazing choices.

  • Top picks: SunCafe in Los Angeles, Marty’s V Burger in New York City, and Canteen in Portland.


Israel is known as one of the best vegan destinations ever, with Tel Aviv being called “The vegan capital of the world” by some. Enjoy fresh hummus and other Middle-Eastern staples, or try unique and delicious vegan treats. Keep in mind that, while many options will be vegetarian, you may have to check that your food is also vegan.

  • Top picks: Different Vibes in Tel Aviv, Nagila in Jerusalem, and Four One Six in Tel Aviv.


Like the USA, Canada is a massive country with many distinct regions. We may be biased, but we think Toronto has an excellent selection of vegan food — and it’s expanding quickly. A city known for its multiculturalism, Toronto’s vegan scene is as vibrant and unique as the city itself.

  • Top picks: The Hogtown Vegan, Rosalinda, and Cosmic Treats; all in Toronto.


India is known as a dream destination for many vegetarian travellers: surveys put the country’s population of 1.3 billion at 30-40% vegetarian. Unfortunately for vegans, however, many dishes are made with dairy products. But fear not! Asking to replace the ghee (clarified butter) in dishes with one of the many oils that tend to be readily available is usually an easy change. Just make sure you check and double check before digging in!

  • Top picks: Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room in New Delhi, Imagine Cafe in Mumbai, and Terrasen Cafe in Hyderabad.


Don’t let language barriers put you off travelling in Thailand: the concept of veganism is one Thai people have been familiar with for centuries. As a largely Buddhist country, vegan food is fairly easy to find, and usually marked by red and yellow signs with “เจ” or “齋” written on them. While many dishes are made with fish sauce, explaining to chefs you’re “jay,” or vegan, should do the trick.

  • Top picks: House of Joy in Bangkok, Bee Vegan in Chiang Mai, and DiLite Restaurant in Phuket.


Taiwan is another haven for vegetarian travellers, but what about vegans? Like with many of the other countries on this list, it’s a matter of explaining to chefs or other staff that you also won’t eat animal products. Many visitors have deemed Taiwan one of the best countries in Asia for vegan travellers, and vegan food seems to be readily available!

  • Top picks: Flourish in Taipei, Ci Xiang Ting in Kaohsiung, and ChuYuan in Taichung.